Saturday, August 24, 2013

Last year, 
I was asked by our roaming reporter for my husband's company to write something about myself for a spotlight in their newsletter.  It was a 'secret spouse' kind of thing, so I knew the guys wouldn't be seeing it.  I figured I was going to have a hard time writing about myself, so I decided to be a little more creative and jot down 56 random things about me that most people don't know.  I thought I had thrown it away, but it randomly popped up tonight when I was looking for a document.  
After laughing, I thought I would share it with you.

Here goes...

  1. I love a good flea market and adore searching for old objects.  My best deal yet was a $5 chair which is sitting in my living room.  
  2. My favorite food is rice and vegetables. I crave it all the time.  Tofu scramble and raisin bread for breakfast is the best.
  3. My kids think I'm a Facebook addict...I prefer to call myself a Research Specialist.
  4. I lived in Alaska for 5 years.  It was a good experience at the time, but not my cup of tea.
  5. My favorite colors are white, peach and pale gold.   
  6. I swoon for anything French.  
  7. I love white, cream and grays together.  My goal is to decorate my entire house in those colors.
  8. I have a little kitchen garden in my backyard which is designed like a french potager.  I love growing my own herbs and vegetables.  
  9. Spending time in my studio and creating jewelry is something I could do every minute of the day.
  10. My first 'real' drawing was of a naked man.  That was in Kindergarten.  My parents had to meet with the teacher about it.  Hey…it was Art.
  11. I've always been creative.  (see #10) 
  12. I enjoy a nice glass of white wine.  
  13. I'm addicted to beads and love going to the gem show.  I make a list every year but have never taken it out of my bag.  
  14. I love to find things to paint and/or repurpose…spray paint makes me happy.  There's a special place in heaven for the person invented it.  
  15. I like to repurpose things.  It takes a certain eye to be able to pick out a piece of junk and turn it into something beautiful.  
  16. I love quiet.  
  17. I've never met a cocktail I didn't like.  
  18. My business name is Three Beads and a String.  Thank you Sheila for thinking of it.
  19. I LOVE to shop and have been called a 'speed shopper' by my best friend Liz.  She says she loves to draft behind me.  
  20. I love a nice hotel.  The fancier the better.
  21. Chandeliers make me drool.  I could have one in every room.
  22. I love to cook but have lost my passion for it lately. 
  23. I like my flower bouquets to be all the same color and all the same flower.  Preferably white.  
  24. I love taking classes and learning as much as I can about art, color and design.  I'd love to take a color theory class, a metal jewelry making class, a textile class and a photography class.  
  25. I dream about going to France and Italy.  I love the architecture and romantic feel.  Also, I want a man who will carry my bags for me.  (See #32)
  26. I'm not an outdoorsy girl.  I like malls and room service.
  27. I like to be different.  
  28. I love ruffles, polka dots and swirls.
  29. I love the smell of basil…it's heavenly.
  30. I love crystals and pearls together.
  31. I enjoy being alone.  
  32. I'm a hopeless romantic…it's the little things I adore.
  33. I'm terrible about keeping in touch when people move away.
  34. I prefer spontaneity over making plans.  
  35. I love to decorate.
  36. I move things around a lot.  Sometimes just a 1/4" and sometimes everything in the house goes on tour.
  37. Televisions bother me…its just noise.  
  38. I'm not a big fan listening to music when I'm alone.  (See #16)
  39. I love a good farmer's market.  Saturday morning coffee, a muffin, buying fresh flowers and fresh veggies, and talking to the farmers.  It's right up there with the flea market.
  40. I embrace change.  Bring it.
  41. Elegance is my favorite word.  I continually strive to have more of it in my world.
  42. I want to learn to speak French. 
  43. I'm a magazine whore.
  44. I was a strawberry blonde as a little girl.  I loved to wear dresses, ruffled socks and I always carried a purse.  
  45. I love the look of cowboy boots and a skirt together.
  46. I prefer vintage and shabby chic, but am eclectic in my decorating style.
  47. My favorite color of lipstick and nail polish is coral.  
  48. I had both my children naturally...but not on purpose.
  49. I love watching birds flitting around my yard.  
  50. I have two standard poodles.  One follows me around all day long.  
  51. I wanted to be a Interior designer in high school.
  52. I am a middle child with no syndrome.
  53. For my 14th birthday I asked my mom for an Ettique Book.  I still have it.  
  54. I love to laugh.
  55. I like mood lighting.  
  56. My boys are my pride and joy.  
Me in a nutshell.  

Patti xo

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