Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Elegance must be combined with loveliness, because one usually does not just desire to be elegant simply for themselves, but to shed a little joy around her and beautify her world.

A few days after Christmas I began organizing my home with anticipation that I would be starting the New Year out right.  I had big plans for hitting the pavement running with my website, Etsy and making jewelry, and could hardly wait to start.  I had just hosted a very successful Holiday Open House, and received so many wonderful compliments on my jewelry that I was filled with excitement to get back into my studio to create some new pieces I'd been thinking about. 
 That evening, I made a comment on facebook that I loved the feel of fresh beginnings and new attitudes, and a fellow artist asked me if I was doing The Book of Days with Effy Wild.

I hadn't heard of it, but after checking it out I decided it was something that I thought I would really enjoy.  A lot of people were talking about their 'word of the year' on Facebook.  I hadn't given it much thought, but I liked the idea of focusing on a single word for the year.  I decided to take on the challenge of journaling for the entire year of 2012, which meant I had to come up with my word.
After much thought, I chose the word  Elegant  because not only is it one of my favorite words, but its something I would like to focus on and become more of.  I would consider myself somewhat elegant already, in the way I dress, the way I carry myself and decorate, but I wanted to take it one step further and encompass every tiny little part of myself and my life.  

As I thought about the changes I'd like to make, I decided that I'd like to be more patient, less judgemental, think a little longer before I speak, feel grateful for what I have,  to no longer cuss like a sailor when I get angry, and to practice a little more kindness and self care.  I need to focus on drinking more water and sticking with a project until its finished (two biggies).  I need to make more time for my friends, and to spend some quality time on building my jewelry business.  I need to slow down, spend less time on facebook and more time in my studio creating.  

  2011 was good for me in so many ways, and I really did enjoy myself.  I have no regrets, but did hear some complaints from my family that I was spending too much time on the computer.  Last year, I became a 'Research Specialist' on facebook, websites and blogs where I learned so much about my passion for the arts, found tons of information and inspiration that it was almost overwhelming.  I'm going to ease into this new year and put my plan onto paper, then into action.  

So, I took a little detour in starting out my new year like I had planned, but I am very grateful that I did.  I'm finding that this is the step I needed to get myself to where I'd like to be.  I am really enjoying the workshop and am looking forward to what I will discover about myself and my dreams.  

  So, here is the cover I created for my Book of Days... 

I'm loving the colors and am pleased at the way it looks.  Its very simple...just like my plan for 2012

The inside cover has a pocket for my farewell letter to 2011, and the right side has a secret pocket for all my secret wishes for 2012.  

I always incorporate a little necklace on one of the pages.  This one has vintage pearls and a little Swarovski crystal.  It just seems fitting.

This is the secret pocket where I will place all my wishes for the upcoming year (shhhh...don't tell anyone its here).

I'm really enjoying the workshop and meeting other creative souls.  I feel like I've already slowed down and put stress on the back burner.  I think this is just what I needed.

So, this year will be a wonderful year for me.  I have some dreams that I want to come true, and I have the focus I need to get me there.  This is my big year to sparkle and shine.   Have a great year and don't forget to share the best parts of yourself, love and support one another and most of all...

That's my plan,

She who is altogether lovely...
  1. is generous with her smile
  2. is kind
  3. is on time, if not a little early.
  4. believes others come first.
  5. is disciplined in her mind and heart.
  6. is impeccable in appearance.
  7. has a good work ethic.
  8. has a balanced life with her values intact
  9. loves.
  10. never lets herself believe that anybody is different from anybody.
  11. is gracious.
  12. is authentic and never puts on pretenses.
  13. is a giver.
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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Patti!

  2. AWEsome beginning to your Elegant book!!! And to the new year!!!

  3. Patti, the word suits you. And your Book of Days is spectacular, spectacular! I am so glad you joined the FlyTribe Blog Hop and am so happy to have you on our journey into this new year!

  4. Beautiful post! Orinial word! Happy to be flying with you!

  5. I am in love with your post - so eloquently written. I love your book - something you will treasure for years to come. Such a joy to fly with you! xoxo

  6. Oh, I love this, Patti! Wonderful word choice and such beautiful pages you created. So inspired right now!

    Happy wishes to you!

  7. I love the idea of writing a farewell letter to the previous year, so creative! Your journal is stunningly pretty. It truly looks elegant. Have a great year.

  8. Beautiful book of days you created! Patti, I really love your style and definitely find it to be very elegant. Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

  9. Hi Patti,

    What a pretty word ELEGANT! I hope your 2012 will be filled with more Elegant creations! xxx

  10. Elegant is a magnificent word and it sounds like it is you. Your Book cover is so elegant! I am taking the Book of Days workshop too and am behind but looking forward to finishing my cover soon. It is so inspiring to find an artist like Effy Wild.

  11. Patti, love your word and your post! I was laughing at the cussing part - I do that too. I think the computers make sue do it ;) . I also think your book is gorgeous- and certainly elegant!! Good luck this year as your business continues to grow!

  12. wishing you a very Elegant year, what a lovely one you chose. Happy 2012!

  13. I think most of us cold stand to be a little more ELEGANT in our lives and our expression. LOL at teh "cuss like a sailor" part. When I'm angry (which doesn't happen often, thank goodness) or very excited/emphatic, there's no telling what words will slip out of my mouth. Sometimes it surprises even me!

    I'm signed up for Effy's Book of Days, but I confess that i haven't kept up with it. And with our move coming up, I don't see myself catching up any time soon. Good for you for your solid start to the project!

    Wishing you the best 2012 has to offer ... xoxo