Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My new found love...frozen Charlotte dolls

I found something that I am totally in love with and want to start collecting.  
The frozen Charlotte doll.  I've seen them before, but never paid much attention to them until today.  Oh my gosh, I cannot tell you how crazy I am about them.  Here are a few of the ones I ordered.  I love the embellishments these already have...

While I was out looking for vintage broaches recently, I picked one up somewhere and thought it would be cute sitting in a dish in my studio, but put it down and didn't purchase it.   Then today, while looking around on Etsy, I saw these and decided I wanted to get them to play around with.   I have some cool ideas for a necklace, and cannot wait to get my hands on them.  

When I saw these, I thought they would make cute Christmas ornaments, maybe with some wings...

and I couldn't resist this darling little one.  She looked so alone, and I wanted to give her a home..,

I was curious as to why they were called frozen Charlotte dolls, so I did a little research and found this sad story which makes them all the more interesting.   I don't know about you, but I can totally relate to Charlotte not wanting to crinkle her dress... sounds like something I would do.  Anyway,

This is the story of Frozen Charlotte:
     It was New Years Eve and it was very cold outside.  Charlotte was waiting in her new dress for her boyfriend, Charles, to take her to the village inn for a New Year’s Eve party.   Finally, Charles’ sleigh came.  Her mother asked her to put a blanket around her so she wouldn’t be too cold.  But Charlotte did not want to crinkle her dress, so she did not take the blanket.  The village inn was 15 miles away.  They had gone five miles when Charlotte said she was cold.  Charles made the horses run faster.  Five more miles they rode when Charlotte said she was getting warmer.  Finally, the village inn was in sight.  Charles jumped out and called her many times.  Charlotte did not move or say a word because she was frozen. Then he came over to her and felt her hands.  They were very cold.  He now knew that Charlotte had frozen to death.  He rode Charlotte back to her cottage.  Her parents were very sad.  Charles was very upset, too.  He died of a broken heart.

So, don't forget to bundle up on these cold winter nights, and hug your loved ones!  I'll post photos when I'm finished with my creations.  


  1. Dear Patti-
    I love how you have woven together the elements of found treasures (the Charlotte dolls and their story), along with their images, and then your dreams for their possible new story (frozen Charlotte is redeemed with glittering jewels, pearls, and maybe even gets her wings!). Keep writing, it's calling to you for a reason.
    A Fellow Flyer,

  2. I can not wait to see what wonderful new life and sparkle you will give to these sweet girls! I look forward to seeing them and hearing about your journey and adventures!! Your gifts are magical! xo

  3. I have a feeling that these darling dolls will be my new addiction. They go perfectly with my love of lace, wings, bling and jewelry making. I just might get addicted to blogging if you guys keep leaving these wonderful comments! Thank you Leah and Renee, you are both so kind.

  4. That was such a cool idea, Patti- thanks for sharing that story! I have never heard of frozen Charlotte dolls, and now I will keep my eyes open for them ;)

  5. Thanks Ursula. I wish I could find a bucket full of them somewhere. I know I'm going to have a hard time parting with them and not sure if I even will be able to. They should be here excited to touch them. Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. I have a fully porcelain doll, from Germany, made in 1850. An "Frozen Charlotte", in perfect state of conservation, 7'... I know that this doll will catch the attention of several collectors. So, if you're interested, i will wait contact.