Sunday, September 4, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Pearls hydrangeas crowns chandeliers  swirls  Topiaries    white twinkle lights urns  finials  Organic gardens   french style  angels   Potagers  rIbBoN  crystal   white sheets  Lavender   boxwoods   tutus   bUttOns    BeAdS   basil     cafe tables  vino'   white  shabby chic   HaNdWrItTen NoTes   Garden Gates   Orange   romance   ArT    jewelry   MoSS    elegance  vintage   salt and pepper shakers  spontaneity        kindness    room service   coLLages
wingtulips   silence   style   CrEatiVity  frames Chrysophase Ambiance  hats Honeysuckle  paper mache Champagne diamonds Fleur de Lis  mirrors Jordan almonds linen